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Description Our new HPB12 / A12 battery is rated at 2000mAh and designed to power up Black and Decker FireStorm line of 12V tools allowing...
$229.00 $259.00
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Codice: 3307216210368
Marchio: Nintendo
Peso: 0.15 Kg
35,00 €

An Extravagant Team Galore! ? Meet Mario and the Rabbids Heroes and build your dream team with three Heroes among an eclectic roster of nine. including all-time favourites Rabbid Peach. Luigi. Rabbid Mario. Princess Peach and some unexpected newcomers. Take advantage of Heroes? special abilities to outwit even the strongest enemies in battle
Tactical Meets Action ? Use your Heroes? skills in an innovative combat system. mixing turn-based tactics and real time action. Take control of your Heroes to dash your enemies. team jump on your allies. hide behind cover? and make the best out of your turn. Specialize your Heroes with the Sparks you choose. Use all the exotic powers and tools at your disposal to craft your own strategies and prevail against all odds
A Galactic Adventure Like No Other ? Embark on an epic journey through the galaxy with your spaceship to help bring order back to the galaxy. Free each planet you cross from Cursa?s evil influence. Explore each one of them. meet their curious inhabitants to uncover mysterious secrets. Face surprising bosses. familiar enemies from the Nintendo universe and exceptional Rabbids enemies in your cosmic quest!
Save the Sparks to Earn Their Help and Powers! ? Rescue the uncanny Sparks. born when Lumas and Rabbids merged. before Cursa gets a hold of them! Use their special abilities and powers in battle. ranging from energy barriers to fire rain to gain the upper hand in combat. Each Spark has a distinct power and personality. There are dozens of Sparks throughout the galaxy to locate. save and join your journey

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